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Hey there! I’m Jen.

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by a busy life and the responsibilities of work, a family, maintaining a household and trying to stay healthy. Often times we have this vision of what we should do to take care of our health, but it gets put on hold because of the long list of daily tasks. Coaching shines a light on the path of change to lead us to improved health.
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Health is not just about the food you eat or what type of exercise you do. While important, they encompass only part of a healthy life.

Not just one thing is important...

Everything Matters

For nearly the past 20 years, I have worked with individuals with injuries and pain as a physical therapist and have seen how recovery involves more than just the physical. What we eat can affect how we feel and the inflammation in our body. Excess stress can lead to headaches and muscle tension. Lack of sleep contributes to impaired healing, weight-gain and feeling terrible. Toxic relationships can hold us back from meeting our potential. Not just one thing is important….everything matters.
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Not just one thing is important...

Becoming a Health Coach allowed me to take a deep dive into all of the areas that contribute to health. The power of coaching is truly profound. I have experienced this myself and can’t wait to share this power with you.

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Habit change
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Who I want to help ...


Professional and medical providers who are exhausted but ready to take the time to focus on themselves not only so they feel better, but also to increase productivity and well-being inside and outside the office.

Busy Parents

Keeping up with kids and a busy life can be a struggle.  It is so easy to loose ourselves amongst making sure everyone else and everything else is taken care of. It’s time to re-focus and take a look at yourself and what you need to feel your best, for yourself and your family.

Suffering With Pain
or Illness

People dealing with pain or underlying illness who need support and guidance as to how simple lifestyle changes can help decrease inflammation, improve energy and get them out there doing the things they love.

Chronic Disease

Lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on people dealing with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other chronic diseases.  By establishing regular exercise routines, eating a healthy diet, managing stress and maximizing sleep you will improve your body’s function and ability to combat disease.
The plant-filled plate

Simple plant-based recipes to make your body happy.

A collection of 35 flavorful plant-based recipes. Each recipe is packed full of vitamins and nutrients to fuel your body and mind. All recipes can be made gluten-free and are also vegan. Recipes are included for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sauces and dessert.