A Passion for Wellness

Certified Health Coach
Certified by Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
Licensed Physical Therapist
Masters in Physical Therapy
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
Level 4 Certification through N.A.I.O.M.T
How I guide you through

What is a health coach?

My job as a coach is to empower you to take a look at your life and together find the areas that need focus to help you achieve your goals. We will use tools such as the wellness wheel to guide us to find areas that may be off balance. Another tool that can be helpful is a character strengths survey. Through analyzing your character strengths we will draw upon your strengths and use them to overcome challenges.
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Why I'm here to help

We all need support

Having the unique opportunity of working closely with people who are dealing with injuries, pain and chronic illness, I have come to the conclusion that people need more support.  In order to make sustainable changes to impact their health, guidance and accountability is priceless.  Their doctor might say to exercise more, eat healthier and decrease stress, but most people have a hard time knowing where to start.
A new approach

What if instead of focusing on one system at a time, we looked at everything and how they are all intertwined and affect each other?

In Western Medicine, we tend to focus on one system at a time….you have back pain, so treat the back, you have heart burn so here is an antacid, you have depression so here is a medication to balance your mood. Now instead of just treating the back we are also exploring how not getting enough sleep, sitting all day in front of a computer, being stressed out and eating a poor diet can also influence the back. This is what inspired me to be a health coach. No matter what a person is dealing with from lack of energy, wanting to lose weight or to decrease their pain, there is not just one solution, there are many. That is why everything matters.
The building blocks

Core tenants of health


Improving sleep will help our body heal, regulate hormones, clear toxins, strengthen the immune system and lower stress levels.  Let’s work on healthy habits to promote better sleep.


Looking for a way to sleep better, manage stress, improve energy, control weight and decrease risks from many chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others?  Regular exercise can do all this and more!

Healthy Relationships

Positive relationships are important for many reasons including decreasing stress, improving your health, living longer and being happier in general.  Did you know that a health coach can help to set up strategies and make steps towards creating happy, healthy relationships?


What we put into our mouths has great power to affect our health.  We have the choice to fuel our body with healthy whole foods that nourish our bodies and promote health. Set yourself up for success by finding healthy foods you love, designing an environment to promote healthy eating habits and working together on negative habits that are working against you.


This category spans many areas including your physical environment of a safe home, having an organized and clean space that allows you to focus as well as it being aesthetically pleasing to you.  The other aspect of environment is breathing clean air, drinking clean water and avoiding harmful chemicals.


WebMD estimates that 75-90% of all doctor’s visits are for stress related ailments or complaints.  Let’s figure out healthy ways to decrease stress that work for you and will contribute to your overall good health.

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